Thursday, September 11, 2014

Class size and composition - a short visual history

I put this table together today to share with parents and community members at our information forum this evening, but please feel free to share.

It is a slight simplification as it doesn't deal with exempted classes like music, classes in distributed learning, special education class, the "fudge factor" allowing overages in special circumstances and so forth.

But if you want to know the basics of how class size and composition have changed over the last twelve years through three rounds of legislation, this is an overview.

It is based on the Greater Victoria collective agreement.


  1. The BC Liberal attack on teachers continues. Even if they reach a settlement this weekend the war will continue. Christy Clark wants to destroy the BCTF and privatize #bced. The only thing that will stop her is us.

  2. We need to toss the Liberals out on their ears--and keep them out for two or three decades while the province is rebuilt...and debt is brought under control....