Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cowichan Trustees take courageous stand

School Trustees in Cowichan have taken a courageous stand to confront the BC government over inadequate funding. They have submitted a deficit budget, based on the restoration of all needed educational services. Their budget reinstates $10.8 million in lost government funding.

In response, the Minister of Education, George Abbott, has threatened to fire the Board. He evidently believes that the oath to submit a balanced budget is more important than the oath to provide a quality education to every child. He has his priorities wrong.

At a recent meeting to parents, Minister Abbott quiped: "there is one lone board threatening suicide". Mr. Abbott has complete and utter disregard for a Board that is choosing to stand with its community, rather than act as the government's henchmen. Cowichan Trustees aptly describe their actions: "we are not prepared to stand quietly and let schools, facilities and services to students deteriorate to the point where parents will send their kids to schools outside the district or to private schools". 

The Cowichan Trustees are asking for support from the lower Island community and from British Columbians tired of seeing our public services eroded to feed never ending tax cuts for the rich. Please join the rallies and write to Minister Abbott to ask that the Cowichan budget be respected and the additional funding provided.

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  1. I have done my part in a letter to Abbott.

    Dear Mr. Abbott:

    When school boards take an oath of public office, is it not an oath directed to the public?

    When you took your oath as Minister of Education, did you not direct you promise to the people of British Columbia?

    Some of your public comments against the Cowichan School Board might amount to slander and, in the face of your oath of public office, what you say could be direct conflict of interest.

    Can you please describe what direct training qualifications you have in relation to the administration of education? What course, if any, have you taken on the subject of educational policy that qualifies you to threaten a school board with "suicide"?