Monday, February 6, 2012

Go east, young teacher

Ah BC, the greatest place on Earth. Let me count the ways:

1. Highest child poverty rate
2. Greatest inequality
3. Expensive housing

The mountains are beautiful, but is it really worth it?

Probably not, if you are a new teacher, starting your career.

Here are some facts to consider about cross Canada comparisons (Out of the 13 Provinces and Territories) for teaching salaries, education spending and working conditions:

  1. Starting salaries with 5 years of university education: 11th 
  2. Starting salaries with a Masters degree: 12th 
  3. Student teacher ratio (number of students for each teacher): 2nd 
  4. Total spent on education per capita: 10th
  5. Number of classes with 4 or more students with special needs: 12, 240
  6. Number of classes with more than 30 students: 3, 627
  7. Loss of learning specialist teacher in last decade: 1459
  8. Time available for lesson planning, preparation and marking: 90 minutes per week
  9. Percentage of Teachers Teaching on Call earning $10,000 or less: 36%
  10. Percentage of Teachers Teaching on Call earning $30,000 or less: 78%

For details on salary comparisons, see:
For funding data:
BCTF Teacher Teaching on Call Survey:
Child poverty report card:
BC Stats report on income inequality:

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