Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LRB dismisses BCPSEA application

The latest political maneouvre of the BC government via its bargaining agent, BCPSEA, has failed.

In an apparent effort to discredit teachers and split them from their union, BCPSEA made application to the Labour Relations Board to vary the Essential Services order so that teachers would be required to complete report cards and the BCTF would be required to pay back 15% of wages and benefits.

The Labour Relations Board rejected both parts. With respect to report cards, the LRB acknowledged that teachers were continuing to assess students and provide feedback to parents. BCPSEA failed to provide evidence that parents were not receiving this information.

With respect to the fine to the union, the LRB said:

“...there is no dispute teachers are continuing to work their regular or normal hours during Phase 1 of the BCTF job action.  They are not performing certain non-essential duties, but there is no assertion teachers are working only 85% of their scheduled time while receiving 100% of pay.  Rather, the assertion is they are working their regular hours teaching but not performing non-essential duties, as permitted by the Order.”

1 comment:

  1. I was heartened to learn that this absurd and divisive stunt received the response it deserved. My big regret is the amount of time, effort and money the application cost all parties.

    It's my sincere hope that the Board of Directors of BCPSEA will be reviewed once the new trustees are sworn in - whatever mandate that might have previously existed must certainly be exhausted by this result.