Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saskatchewan teachers plan job action for Thursday

After an amazingly high strike vote, Saskatchewan teachers will be taking the first job action in their history on Thursday. Teachers are planning a one day "study session".

From the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation news release:

“Teachers remain committed to returning to the bargaining table to conclude an agreement that affirms the worth of teachers,” said Gwen Dueck, chief spokesperson for the Teachers’

Bargaining Committee. “We do not want to employ sanctions but clearly the provincial government and the Saskatchewan School Boards Association have not heard the message of teachers.”

Dueck added “our province is experiencing unprecedented growth and wealth and yet teachers are not being included in the province’s wealth. This government needs to demonstrate that education is a priority and that teachers and the service they provide are valued.”

Currently, teachers with a four-year degree starting out in Saskatchewan earn $7,560 a year less than the Western Canadian average. After 10 years of service, that number increases to $9,423 less than the Western Canadian average.

In a province wide vote on April 13, 2011, Saskatchewan teachers expressed overwhelming support for sanctions.

Teachers have been engaged in a protracted negotiation process for the last 11 months and have been without a contract since August 31, 2010."

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