Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saskatchewan teachers vote 95% in favour of job action

By a vote of 95%, the teachers of Saskatchewan have voted in favour of possible job action.

“The goal of the Teachers’ Bargaining Committee is to return to the bargaining table to negotiate an agreement that affirms the worth of teachers, not to take sanctions,” said Gwen Dueck, chief spokesperson for the Teachers’ Bargaining Committee. “We urge the Government - Trustee Bargaining Committee to bring increased resources to the table to reflect the professionalism of teachers.”

Saskatchewan teachers have been negotiating for eleven months and have been without a contract since September 2010.

“Teachers are committed to the students and the public they serve. They do not want to withdraw services, but this is an issue of fairness and valuing the professional role of teachers in ensuring the future of our province,” Dueck said.

Wages are the main issue. Teachers are seeking a 12% increase in one year, while the government has offered 5.5% over three years.

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