Saturday, February 19, 2011

BC School District deficit roundup: How many more cuts are coming?

The BC government "status quo" budget means yet again costs that School Districts incur simply due to inflation, downloaded responsibilities (like the carbon offsets), and increased costs beyond the Districts' control will have to be absorbed in the status quo per pupil funding.

What does this mean? Districts are already predicting significant cuts to services.

So far I have read:

Greater Victoria: $500,000 shortfall

Surrey: $10 million shortfall (see

Nanaimo: $4 million shortfall

Do you know of other districts facing budget deficits next year? Please post a comment.


  1. Tara, our exact numbers (Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows) will be out shortly. I'll let you know.

  2. Just read Vancouver is predicting $11.8 million.

  3. Sounds like the GVSD is fiscally prudent compared to the other boards!

  4. GVSD has additional money from the seven closed schools and the sale of school lands. This might not seem prudent in 5 - 10 years when our student population has rebounded.

    GVSD also has a large share of the community link money - and if you ask many other districts they will tell you this is not fairly distributed.

    Finally, GVSD is able to find income from the international program due to the location in Victoria. But this again is not equitable - why should Victoria students see a benefit from privatized services that other districts cannot realistically provide.